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Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs

Teeth whitening illustrationAt Ridgeline Family Dentistry we offer in-office teeth whitening treatments that lift years of stains in just one appointment. Most patients see at least five shades of improvement following their one-hour whitening treatment with Dr. Borden.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! Our teeth whitening treatments remove natural stains like those caused from:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Soda
  • Natural discoloration
  • Medication

Dr. Borden recommends teeth whitening to all of our patients who want to whiten their smiles. We’ll just want to check your smile first, to make sure no active cavities are present.

We have you use a desensitizing toothpaste for one week prior to your whitening appointment. This prevents any discomfort during the appointment, allowing you to get the best benefits from the treatment.

Please reserve about 90 minutes for your procedure. At your appointment we will buff away any surface stains with gentle polishing, and then apply the professional whitening gel for several minutes. About 10-15 minutes later, we will rinse the gel away and then reapply it. Each application erases up to an entire shade.

Opalescence professional whitening offers an in-office option for whiter teeth in just an hour. Opalescence Boost is designed for people on the go, who need fast results. The specially-formulated gel works without a light (no heat) and contains added minerals to combat unwanted sensitivity.

During your Opalescence Boost treatment, we’ll hand apply the whitening gel to your smile so that each surface is evenly treated. The before and after shade guide will show you just how visibly whiter the results are.

We recommend whitening your teeth before upcoming dental work or if you’re planning to replace any visible crowns or fillings.

Professional teeth whitening is easier and more affordable to maintain than over-the-counter methods. When you keep a small refill kit on hand, you can apply gel to your teeth via a fitted tray whenever you need it.

We recommend touching up at least every six months after your preventative dental cleaning. For people who develop stain more quickly (or love drinking coffee) it may need to be closer to every 3-4 months. Simply wear your trays for an hour a day, a few days in a row.

Book Your Visit

Ridgeline Family Dentistry offers complimentary whitening trays to all new patients after an exam, X-rays and dental cleaning. Call us today to schedule your first visit with us!

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