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Dentures and Partials

Plates at Ridgeline Family Dentistry

Illustration of denturesReplacing all of your teeth at once is efficient and affordable, thanks to custom dentures at Ridgeline Family Dentistry. Dentures come in two different styles: full and partial. The type you need will depend on how many teeth are missing or you plan to have removed.

Daily Denture Care and Maintenance

To keep your mouth healthy, you’ll need to take your dentures out each night. Sleeping in your appliance can predispose you to infection, mouth sores and bone resorption (shrinkage). If bone levels decrease, it will change the fit of your appliance.

Clean your denture overnight by soaking it in an effervescent cleanser and then brushing it clean in the morning. Before you put it back in, clean the inside of your mouth with a damp washcloth.

Over time, it’s normal for dentures to wear out or need adjustments. If you notice your appliance feeling looser than it used to, we may be able to reline it for a more secure fit.

A complete (full) denture is one that covers your entire upper or lower arch. It replaces all of the teeth at once, resting directly on top of your gums. If you have any existing teeth, they’ll need to be removed before you can wear a full plate.

With a full denture, you can quickly replace missing teeth, even if you need to have extractions. Sometimes an immediate denture can be made and placed on the same day as your tooth removal, then adjusted a few weeks later to fit snuggly after your mouth fully heals.

Your denture will be crafted to give you custom shaded and shaped teeth to your liking. They’ll also support the soft tissues of your face, for a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Partial dentures are ideal for our patients who still have several healthy teeth. Instead of getting unnecessary extractions, you can retain your other teeth and have a partial fitted to snap in around them. Not only is this technique better for your oral health, it also keeps your partial denture fit as comfortable as possible.

If you wind up having to remove additional teeth in the future, we may be able to add those teeth onto your partial instead of making a new one.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Request a consultation today to learn more about our custom full and partial denture options. New patients are always welcome!

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