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Fluoride Treatments

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Protect Your Smile’s Future

At Ridgeline Family Dentistry, we provide affordable fluoride varnish treatments after every dental cleaning.

Why? Because we want our patients to choose an option that truly is effective in strengthening their teeth.

A Quick and Easy Treatment

The fluoride varnish that we use is very different than the trays and foam used in the past. It’s a sticky varnish that takes under a minute to paint onto the teeth.

This sticky texture delivers a high concentration of the mineral directly into the tooth, instead of being swallowed. It’s quick and easy!

Fluoride Varnish Benefits

  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Takes just a few seconds to apply
  • Stays on your teeth the rest of the day

We’re Cost Effective!

We charge less than half of the price for fluoride than other dentists in the Northgate area. It’s a choice that we make because we know how good it is for you and your child’s teeth. It’s a service typically covered by insurance for our pediatric patients.

Decrease your risk of tooth decay and recurrent cavities around your existing restorations. Give us a call and ask about adding fluoride onto your next preventative care appointment.

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