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Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs

Dental Consultation

Comprehensive Care for Everyone

Your dental visit is more than just a checkup. It’s Dr. Borden’s way of helping you avoid extensive dental needs later on.

Detailed Dental Exams

What are your concerns for the future of your smile? Dr. Borden wants to get to know you as a person, not just by your teeth. During your consultation and exam, Dr Borden will assess your smile for:

  • Gum disease and bone loss
  • Cavities
  • Health of your existing restorations

Oral Cancer Screenings

Spotting lumps, bumps or other tissue concerns early on could save your life. If Dr. Borden spots suspicious or precancerous lesions, we will send you to a specialist for an evaluation.

Colorado Springs Family Dentist

Digital X-rays

We’ve converted to digital X-rays because of how safe they are and the small amount of radiation that they use (it’s less than taking a trip on an airplane!). X-rays are essential to diagnosing cavities and bone loss that may not be evident during a clinical exam.

Intraoral Cameras

It can be frustrating to be told that something is wrong when you don’t feel any symptoms. Our intraoral cameras allow us to take pictures of your teeth and show you on the in-room monitor. Now you can feel confident about what is going on with your smile and not just take our word for it.

Regular Visits

Even if nothing is hurting, it may be better to address certain types of dental lesions before they hurt or are too expensive to take care of later on. Give us a call to schedule your visit with Ridgeline Family Dentistry. A visit every six months can keep your smile healthier and limit the dental treatments you need over time.


Colorado Springs Family Dentist