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Fixed Dental Bridges

A Beautiful Way to Replace Missing Teeth

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Missing a tooth? Consider a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is used to replace a tooth that is missing or has been extracted. They’re ideal for our patients who may not be a candidate for a dental implant, or don’t want to wear a partial.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are restorations that have a false porcelain tooth suspended between two dental crowns. They are anchored onto the teeth next to the one that is missing. When properly cared for, a dental bridge can last several years.

Dr. Borden uses extremely strong porcelain materials for all of our dental bridges. Each one is made at a locally owned dental lab that Dr. Borden trusts for their reputation and quality of services.

If you are missing a tooth or trying to decide how to replace one that will be removed, a bridge may be your best solution. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Borden by calling the office today to find out more.



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