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Nitrous Oxide

Laughing Gas for a Relaxing Dental Experience

Nitrous oxide is a great way for patients to relax during their visits to Ridgeline Family Dentistry. Dr. Borden makes laughing gas available for a reasonable fee to all patients who feel nervous or simply want to have a more enjoyable experience.

Takes the Edge off

The way nitrous oxide works is by taking the edge off of your experience, making you feel much less concerned about being at the dentist. It also makes you feel like your procedure went much faster.

Great for Adults and Kids

Happy Family

Your family will love the Ridgeline Family Dentistry experience

Adults aren’t the only patients who can benefit from nitrous oxide. It’s also safe and effective for children.

Choosing laughing gas for your child helps them to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience while they sit back and watch some television during the procedure.

There are only a few contraindications for nitrous oxide such as pregnancy and asthma. The relaxation starts very quickly after just a few minutes and go away even faster.

Patients leave their appointment feeling totally normal.

Are you looking for a comfortable dental experience where you can relax throughout the entire process?

Then call us today or talk to Dr. Borden about having nitrous oxide during your next treatment appointment.