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Gum Disease Treatment

Gentle Periodontal Therapy

Gum Disease chartPeriodontal therapy (“deep cleanings”) is a procedure that is used to treat a disease, rather than prevent it, the way a regular cleaning is designed.

Gum disease is caused by deep spaces between the teeth and the gums, where tartar develops on the root surfaces. Our hygienist removes these areas of buildup, because it’s something brushing and flossing alone cannot reach.

Your Body’s Response to Gum Disease

Most brushing and flossing will reach about three millimeters below the gumline, which is not enough when the spaces between the tooth and gum tissues are four millimeters or deeper. We use special instruments that reach a little deeper down to remove the tartar and debris attached to your root surface.

Think of it like this, the area of infection is like a splinter under your skin. The area around the splinter gets puffy and swollen as your body tries to push the splinter out.

Tartar under your gums is like the splinter under your skin. It can’t be brushed out and the gums begin to get puffy and may even bleed when you brush. What’s worse is the bone holding the tooth starts to erode away.

How We Can Help

We will numb the areas being treated so that you are free of pain during the procedure. Our hygienist uses an ultrasonic cleaner to gently remove tartar from the root surfaces, followed by an antibacterial rinse to flush out and kill any remaining bacteria.

Laser Gum Therapy

Advanced laser technology provides gentle and effective additional treatment of gum disease. It’s safe for surrounding tissues but strong enough to destroy infection-causing bacteria.

Areas treated by soft tissue laser generally see faster healing times and improved recovery rates. The laser triggers new attachment between the gums and tooth surfaces, helping to address the deep periodontal “pockets” that contribute to bone and tooth loss.

Most laser gum treatments are performed in conjunction with a deep cleaning, after the bulk of calcified and loose buildup is physically removed.

Serious Risks to Your Health

Periodontal disease is a serious condition that can increase your risk for other problems, like diabetes and heart disease.

Schedule your visit with Ridgeline Family Dentistry today to screen for this serious oral health condition that could threaten your health and lead to tooth loss.

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