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Root Canal Treatment in Colorado Springs

Why do I Need a Root Canal?

Illustration of root canalRoot canals are used as a last line of defence when it comes to preserving your smile. Since it’s best to retain teeth when possible, endodontic therapy limits the need for having your tooth extracted.

Other types of restorative treatments repair the outside of your teeth. A root canal treats dying teeth from the inside, where nerve tissues are infected or deteriorating.

You may need a root canal if you

  • Have a deep cavity
  • Experienced previous trauma to your tooth
  • Show signs of a dying tooth
  • Have a large crack
  • Experience severe tooth sensitivity

During a root canal, we numb your tooth and then create an access point to the nerve chamber. From there, the damaged pulp tissues are removed and the hollow canals are cleaned out. After the inside of your tooth is medicated, we’ll seal it off to prevent any reinfection.

Since your tooth no longer has a vital nerve supply, it will be weaker and more prone to wear. To protect your bite, we’ll want to fit a custom crown to slip over it after your root canal is completed. Your new crown will be made of ceramic so that it blends in with neighbouring teeth.

Most people come to Dr. Borden very nervous about having a root canal, because of the horror stories that they have heard.

These stories are due to people waiting a very long time to seek dental care, resulting in a large infection or abscess around the tooth, causing anesthetic to work improperly and discomfort throughout the entire procedure.

If you have an infection, Dr. Borden will give you an antibiotic to ensure you have a positive, comfortable experience in our dental office.

A Gentle and Caring Environment

Dr. Borden offers root canal treatments for most types of cases. Let us help you experience a positive root canal treatment, in a gentle and caring environment. Call our office today!

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