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Root Canals in Colorado Springs

Save Your Tooth with Endodontic Therapy

A root canal is a procedure used during a situation where a tooth has died or the nerve has become infected. The actual root canal process removes the nerve of the tooth, allowing you to retain your natural tooth rather than having it pulled.

Don’t Listen to Horror Stories

Lady with tooth pain

Don’t wait until you’re in pain to seek help

Most people come to Dr. Borden very nervous about having a root canal, because of the horror stories that they have heard.

These stories are due to people waiting a very long time to seek dental care, resulting in a large infection or abscess around the tooth, causing anesthetic to work improperly and discomfort throughout the entire procedure.

If you have an infection, Dr. Borden will give you an antibiotic to ensure you have a positive, comfortable experience in our dental office.


A Gentle and Caring Environment

Dr. Borden offers root canal treatments for most types of cases. Let us help you experience a positive root canal treatment, in a gentle and caring environment. Call our office today!



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