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Orthodontics in Colorado Springs

Child with pan xrayStraight teeth are less likely to decay, develop gum disease or wear down prematurely. Addressing the alignment of your smile can also reduce your risk of TMJ disorder.

Our family practice offers in-house orthodontics for teens and adults. Enjoy convenient access to quality services without the need for an outside referral. We’ll evaluate your bite to see if you need treatment and then discuss the options available for your situation. Everything is completed onsite.

Types of Braces We Offer

We offer two types of removable, clear orthodontic systems. Each offers unique advantages and a streamlined process for our patients, giving you back valuable time without making a huge impact on your lifestyle.

Invisalign® — Enjoy the convenience and comfort of discreet, invisible aligners. Invisalign is the leader in translucent orthodontics for adults and teens. The digitally-mapped removable braces were developed over 20 years ago, providing precise care in a comfortable manner.

ClearCorrect — These clear orthodontic aligners work similar to Invisalign. They offer another alternative to our patients seeking out affordable adult braces. Simply change out your clear trays every two weeks to see your bite transform without the need for metal appliances.

Investing in a properly-aligned smile can extend the life of your tooth enamel and existing dental work. When your bite functions effectively, it reduces the strain on muscles and ligaments around it, lowering your risk of joint pain and headaches. Straight teeth are also easier to care for and keep clean, lowering plaque biofilm levels inside your mouth.

Are you too old for braces? Absolutely not! We see adult patients of all ages, ranging from young professionals to busy retirees. If you never had the opportunity to get braces at a younger age, then translucent aligners offer the perfect solution.

Most of our patients complete their orthodontic treatment in about 12 months. We can provide you with a more accurate estimate at the time of your individual evaluation. Everyone’s situation is different! Short-term cosmetic cases may be as quick as six months until completion.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve a healthier and happier smile. During your evaluation we’ll discuss your goals and concerns, then make an appropriate recommendation in regard to how long the process will take to achieve your vision.

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