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Ridgeline Family Dentistry Clear Braces

Teen putting on clear bracesInvisalign is the leader when it comes to translucent, removable adult braces. Created over two decades ago, digitally-mapped aligners use a series of clear trays to move teeth (instead of metal brackets and wires).

With an impression of your mouth, Invisalign labs virtually plans the movement of each tooth to create a uniform and properly spaced bite. From that digital blueprint, the orthodontic system prints a series of aligners that gradually reposition your teeth using gentle pressure.

Invisalign is Great for Busy Schedules

Thanks to Invisalign, you can enjoy fewer and shorter orthodontic appointments! Simply change your aligners out every two weeks. Wear them for a minimum of 22 hours a day (with enough flex time to enjoy your meals or brush and floss).

We’ll see you about every 6-8 weeks to check on your progress and send you home with the next several trays. Invisalign visits tend to be quite efficient, so you can book them during your lunch break or on your teen’s way home from school.

Although Invisalign paved the way for other types of clear braces, the system continues to pursue the highest level of experience and outcome for each person. We may recommend getting Invisalign if you have

  • Mild to severe crowding
  • Gaps between teeth
  • An open or cross bite
  • Missing teeth
  • Orthodontic relapse

Investing in a straighter smile can help lower your risk of decay, gum disease and tooth loss. With Invisalign, you’ll receive the most predictable treatment outcome possible.

Unlike fixed orthodontic appliances, Invisalign has a minimal impact on your day-to-day activities. Simply remove your trays during meals, then brush your teeth before putting them back in. The aligners are easy to clean; just use cool tap water and a soft toothbrush to remove buildup at the beginning and end of each day. Remember to schedule regular scale and cleans every six months!

For responsible teens who want an invisible alternative to metal braces, why not consider Invisalign Teen? These modified aligners include added bonuses like wear indicators to remind you when it’s time to change them out.

Invisalign Teen won’t interfere with athletic or musical activities, since there are no metal appliances getting in the way.

Do You Qualify for Invisalign?

Schedule a consultation today at Ridgeline Family Dentistry to find out if Invisalign is right for you. Financing plans are available.

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