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Gentle Dental Extractions in Colorado Springs

Tooth getting extraction

Protect Your Smile at Ridgeline Family Dentistry

Sometimes the best thing for your smile is to have a tooth removed, due to its physical state.

Why a Tooth May Need to Be Removed

  • It has broken off at the gumline
  • There’s extensive decay with not enough tooth structure to restore
  • Bone loss is present that causes the tooth to become loose

At Ridgeline Family Dentistry, we offer simple dental extractions for situations related to emergencies, gum disease, baby teeth or non-restorable teeth. The process usually takes a matter of minutes because of how straightforward it is. In reality, it will take longer to numb your tooth and administer nitrous oxide sedation than it should to extract your affected tooth.

Before removing the tooth, Dr. Borden will make sure that it is completely numb. She truly takes her time removing the diseased tooth, so that as little discomfort is felt as possible.

After your procedure you can expect to feel numb for a few hours while the anaesthetic wears off. Take care to avoid biting on that side of your mouth.

Following your extraction it is best to take the next few days relatively easy. Avoid things like heavy lifting, drinking through straws, smoking, playing musical instruments and eating crunchy foods.

Removing a tooth creates extra space inside of your mouth that wasn’t there before. For your remaining teeth, it means a lack of stabilisation and support. Over time, the adjacent teeth will start to drift out of alignment and lean into the open space. Even your opposing tooth could “super erupt” as it looks for a biting partner.

To prevent unwanted tooth misalignment, we recommend preserving your natural spacing with a fixed restoration, such as a dental bridge or an implant. Not only will this action prevent your overall bite from shifting, it will allow you to continue biting and chewing as you did before the oral surgery.

In Pain? Get Started Now

If your tooth is severely broken or experiencing pain, call us today for honest, fast, gentle dental care that will help you smile comfortable again.

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