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Gentle Dental Extractions

Protect Your Smile at Ridgeline Family Dentistry

tooth pain

Are you experiencing tooth pain? Call us today.

Sometimes the best thing for your smile is to have a tooth removed, due to its physical state.

Why a Tooth May Need to Be Removed

  • It has broken off at the gumline
  • There’s extensive decay with not enough tooth structure to restore
  • Bone loss is present that causes the tooth to become loose

Before removing the tooth, Dr. Borden will make sure that it is completely numb. She truly takes her time removing the diseased tooth, so that as little discomfort is felt as possible.

Aftercare Instructions

Following your extraction it is best to take the next few days relatively easy. Avoid things like heavy lifting, drinking through straws, smoking, playing musical instruments and eating crunchy foods.

After your tooth is removed, Dr. Borden will review options with you to replace your missing tooth. You can choose from options like a dental implant, bridge or a removable partial. This prevents the breakdown of your bite and chewing ability over time, not to mention aesthetics.

If your tooth is severely broken or experiencing pain, call us today for honest, fast, gentle dental care that will help you smile comfortable again.